Special expertise is needed to drive a trailer or caravan. The length of the vehicle and the number of blind spots often make it difficult for the driver to maneuver so that it can cause accidents with other vehicles. Some GMC trucks are now equipped with Transparent Trailer View. The technology has cameras and monitors that needed by drivers to see blind spots to avoid accidents.

The Trailering Problem

Blind spots often trigger fatal accidents. A blind spot is the dominant cause of fatal accidents, this occurs because drivers cannot clearly see other vehicles on several sides of the vehicle, more attention and focus are needed to avoid this situation.

Accidents on the highway can be caused by a lack of sight on the right and left side of the vehicle when overtaking or taking other lines on the highway. The blind spot is an area outside the driver’s range that is not visible from the right and left side mirrors, so it is very dangerous, especially when driving in crowded areas or freeways.

To reduce the risk of Blind Spot, you can position the rearview mirror as much as possible parallel to the vehicle body, and focus out of the vehicle. In addition, you can also use various smart technologies that can provide important information about road conditions around your vehicle.

Some types of vehicles are equipped with sensors that can inform the distance between the car and the vehicle or other objects around it. This feature will give a warning when the car is too close to the vehicle or other objects on the road. This allows you to drive better. The use of sensors often disturbs the driver, especially when driving in traffic jams. The distance between vehicles that are too close makes the sensor continue to give a warning.

This is also considered to be only effective in small to medium-sized vehicles, while drivers of large vehicles such as buses and trailers feel that this feature is not too helpful for them when driving. Trailer drivers need a better solution; something that can increase their visibility. They realize that a blind spot will make it difficult for them to drive.

They need “more eyes” in their vehicle. They want to have a technology that allows them to see traffic conditions and some parts of the vehicle clearly. They need real pictures, not annoying sound.

Cam bumpers are one of the many tools used to help trailers or long vehicle drivers to see vehicles behind them. But the cam bumper often produces images that are inaccurate and seem convex. In addition, they can only see the vehicle behind them, but do not have the ability to see important parts of the car while driving.

GMC offers a way that can be a solution to these problems. A transparent trailer sounds impossible, but GMC (and several other automotive and electronic manufacturers) have succeeded in developing this technology.

The Technology

Companies like Samsung respond to this through the use of large LED screens that they place on the back of a trailer or caravan. The big LED monitor is connected with a dash cam that allows other drivers to overtake the trailer easily. Samsung not only puts the camera on the front of the vehicle, but they also put more cameras to make it easier for the driver of the trailer or caravan to see the vehicle behind them and see some parts of the vehicle through a monitor inside the cabin.

What Samsung does is one thing that is very extraordinary and can make it easier for long-vehicle drivers such as trailers and caravans. However, Samsung has not sold the innovation. They claim that the trailer’s transparent technology is in the development stage. This causes other companies such as GM to create technology that is almost the same and ready to be marketed in the near future.

Unlike Samsung, the Transparent Trailer View by GM was made to allow drivers to see the traffic conditions behind their vehicles and see parts of their vehicles through an android monitor. Through this technology, drivers will be able to see the traffic conditions behind the vehicle without having to see the mirrors too often because this will make your trailer look transparent.

This technology will also help you to see the condition of some parts of the vehicle while you drive without having to get off your vehicle. You can see it by swiping the existing monitor screen. It also records everything that happens during your drive. This will be useful when you have an accident or become a victim of crime on the road.

The Truck

Transparent Trailer View is a technology owned by Sierra Heavy Duty 2020 GMC. This vehicle can indeed be used to attract trailers so that the presence of Transparent Trailer View is indeed very necessary. A truck that has 445 horsepower with a 10-speed transmission is equipped with 15 cameras that are placed on the back, side and several other parts of the car. All these cameras will take pictures from the back, left, right, and several other parts of the car. Drivers can see the image through a 15 “Android monitor placed in the center console and dashboard.

The 15 cameras allow you to see various things in and around your trailer. You can set the placement of the cameras yourself. The touch screen monitor in this car is not only connected to the camera but also can be used to control several other functions. The monitor will show various things related to the condition of the vehicle. You can find out tire pressure, traffic conditions, and you can also use this as a built-in GPS device.

The smart camera system will make it easier for you on trailering. No more blind spots so you can drive safely and easily. You can cross sharp corners or narrow streets without worrying that you will hit a vehicle or other object. The camera provides images in HD quality. GMC wants to provide an optimal driving experience. You can also zoom the Transparent Trailer View picture to get more details.