What’s new about 2019 Buick Enclave? Well, if you are hoping to get a new look for this line, you may be disappointed. The 2019 model will be just the same as the 2018 model with only a slight difference and updates. But then again, who needs so many updates if the Enclave has delivered such a satisfying result all these years? After all, the line has proven itself as one of the most reliable and trusted SUV with family-oriented functionality. So, what can you expect more from the new model?

Improvements and Changes

It is a good thing that Buick has stayed committed to producing a family-friendly ride that doesn’t compromise quality and safety. The Enclave has been refined – and you have to admit that the new model is looking good and sleek. Drastic changes had happened a few years back and the current model seems to be the continuation of the previous update. A lot of auto enthusiasts claim that Enclave has done such good work that they don’t have anything to complain about.

This family SUV is coming with new trim levels this year. They have Avenir, Essence, Preferred, and Premium. Each of them comes with their own budgets and specialty features. The Preferred only comes in front-wheel driving system while the others have both front-wheel as well as all-wheel driving system.

As it was mentioned before, there isn’t much change happening for the 2019 model because it is still manufactured based on the 2018 version. However, a good look at the car will give you all the information you need about this vehicle. This SUV still looks modern and yet elegant with all the right curves and edges. From the exterior, it looks stable, sturdy, and timeless.

Once you get into the cabin, you will be welcomed with the plush and cozy interior. What about the features? Of course, you should expect improvements and new things only because high-tech systems are included for your comfort. Whether you are going to on a short trip or the long one, rest assured that it will be a convenient ride.

Despite the unchanged features and design, the price tag is definitely changing. No, it’s not going higher – it’s going lower, instead? Quite cool, huh? The basic price for the 2018 model starts from $45,300 while the 2019 model starts from around $43,000. Not too much but it’s always fun to have such a price reduction, no matter what.

The Exterior

When you buy a car, which part do you see the first time? The exterior part, right? Well, it is just the same as the new 2019 Buick Enclave. The car is stylish and somewhat fashionable in its own way – packed with the right amenities. Everything about the car has been designed in the most meticulous way and in the most careful manner possible. Even the small details are able to support the overall look. The signature grille, the curve contours, the elegant lines, and the LED headlamps (with wings) are all stylish and good looking.

It also comes with programmable liftgate (complete with the logo LED projection) that makes it simple and easy for loading and unloading. Whether you do it day or night, it doesn’t even matter. To add the storage space on the top area of the SUV, there are rack cross rails on the roof. This is definitely handy when your family needs to pack up the extra gear for the holiday or long trip. Basically, the car looks tough without being excessively burly and it looks solid without being too much.

As it was mentioned before, Enclave is coming in 4 different trims. The most basic one is the Preferred. The exterior features include LED headlamps, acoustic laminated windshield, roof mounted side rails, deep tinted glass, auto headlamps with on and off, rocker panel moldings, Roadside Safety Package, active aero shutters (upper and lower), and so much more.

A higher trim from Preferred is the Essence. Naturally, the features can replace or add the ones on Preferred, such as Trailering package and Driver Confidence Package. A higher trim from Essence is the Premium with features of Premium package, memory package, heated driver side mirrors, IntelliBeam, and Driver Confidence package II. The highest trim will be the Avenir with the most complete features, such as power moonroof, Avenir Technology package, 20-inch wheel from aluminum along the Pearl Nickel finish, and others. For details, you can go to the official website or go directly to dealerships.

Engine and Performance

The new Enclave is running on a V6 engine with 3.6-liter capacity that is coming along the auto nine-speed transmission. As a result, the car is able to reach 310 hp of power with 266 Nm of torque. If you choose the Essence (or higher trims), you can also enjoy the Trailering package with its 5,000 pounds of towing capacity, max. With this ability, you can town a small boat or camper with you.

Because Enclave focuses on performance instead of efficiency, don’t expect the EPA number to be quite satisfactory. It has 18 mpg for the city and 26 mpg for the highway – and 21 mpg combined. It’s not bad, actually, but it isn’t the best either. However, most people don’t complain because they have enjoyed the ultimate comfort, especially for the family, so they are willing to sacrifice this matter.

The Interior

When you step into the cabin, you will be welcomed with a classic, plush, and cozy atmosphere. Thanks to the perforated leather seats and supporting features, you will definitely enjoy the trip. The basic Preferred, unfortunately, comes with limited features. If you want to enjoy higher satisfaction and enjoyment, you should start from the Essence. The higher trim has rear sear infotainment technology with DVD, leather seats, and also the improved audio system.2019-buick-enclave-interior

Besides the improvement of entertainment features, safety standards are also improved. Kids will remain safe with rear security lock and LATCH system. Drivers will have an easier drive with Rear Park Assist. There are also Lane Keep Assist, Front Pedestrian Braking, Forward Collision Alert, and much more.

If you are looking for a family ride that isn’t only stylish and good looking, but also safe and trusted, then Enclave will be the right choice. For the new 2019 Buick Enclave, you can expect tons of easiness and fun.