The 2019 GMC Terrain is ranked in the top 10 of compact SUVs. According to the research carried on, this SUV currently has a score of 8.1 out of 10. There are several reasons why this SUV is at the top of the best vehicles in its category. The first and foremost, this SUV offers a luxurious interior and a comfortable ride. Besides the above reasons, there are some drawbacks, especially with the starting price. Most of the consumers feel that this SUV has a higher starting price and poor rearward visibility.

If you are having the question of whether this SUV is a good one, then you have to start by reviewing some of the main features that make it top the list. With the excellent fuel economy estimates and other lengthy features, 2019 GMC Terrain is a good SUV. The vehicle comes with turbocharged engine options which make sure it offers a smooth and a comfortable ride. One drawback that comes in this regard is the limited rearward visibility. The other thing is that some of its main rivals also comes with a larger cargo area which is different from his machine. However, the Terrain’s folding front passage seat creates more space.


Now I bet you are asking about the safety features of this SUV. All the models are equipped with standard airbags. They have dual-stage frontal and thorax side impact airbag, roof-rail side-impact airbags and front, and rear outboard seating airbags. This is to make sure that the driver and all the passengers are safe and comfortable as you ride along. With all these features, you have peace of mind. Additionally, the model has safety equipment including hill-descent control. They also have StabiliTrak and a rear vision camera. Lastly, the vehicles feature optional safety and driver assistance technology. The technology features rear-cross traffic alert, lane change alert, and a hepatic safety-alert seat.
IIHS Safety Rating
The vehicle is given top scores for crashworthiness simply because of the airbags and several other safety features. The Federal officials gave this SUV a good rating in terms of safety. The rating included five stars overall and five stars in most subtests. They also gave them a four-star score for toll over safety.

There are several other groups that gave this vehicle a good review and rating in terms of safety. The IIHS gave it a good score in all the tests they carried up. They conducted a passage-side small overlap test. Besides the above positive ratings, in this case, the independent agency threw a negative review for the Terrain’s headlights. They gave it as poor because of several reasons. General Motors’ Corporation on their side is straining to make something out of that review. They are putting all the necessary measures to make it a good and a safe ride.

The newest Terrain model is fitted with Bluetooth connectivity and a rearview camera. It also has a teen driver feature which makes it easier for the parents to monitor their teenage driver’s behavior and eventually limit their activities while on the highway. The SUV also features parking sensors which make it easy for someone to park get out of busy parking. Additionally, the vehicle has bloodspot monitors that may cost a lot of money separately.


This is another factor that most SUV consumers are taking into consideration. In the case of 2019 GMC Terrain, this is a top consideration for the manufacturer. However, this 2019 model is smaller than the previous makes. This doesn’t affect the quality of the vehicle. It is still comfortable for an adult. One main drawback is the medium storage space. If you have some really good connection with the cargo space, then you may feel like the 2019 GMC terrain is having a very small storage space.