Matt: How’s it going, friends? This is Matt with Think Creative, and I am here with a very special guest, someone that’s new to the Diamond Buick GMC Dealership, the team. I’m talking, of course, about our social media specialist here. Her name is Amy. Amy, how are you?
Amy: I am fabulous. Thank you.
Matt: Thank you for joining us today. This is a little different from other podcasts that we’ve done. And I think it’s actually different in a good way, to be honest with you. We are going to be talking to our new listeners out in Minnesota about Diamond Buick GMC and about the whole Diamond experience. And I think one of the best things that we could do for our listeners is to let them know about what you’ve found. Because you’re new to the team, so maybe you can start off by first telling our listeners out there what it is that you do and what your goals are in the position you’re in.
Amy: Well, as you mentioned, I am a social media specialist [laughter]. So I actually do a couple of things. One of the main things that I’ve been working on since joining the Diamond team is pumping out great social media content. It’s important to me to create a social media experience for consumers, for customers, for everyone that is interested in shopping at Diamond Buick GMC that feels authentic, that really informs you about what’s going on at the dealership, why you should go there, and that helps benefit your own life. We keep you updated on specials, offers, things like that. I, myself, am located in California, and Diamond Buick GMC is in Minnesota. So it’s a very exciting opportunity for me to really learn about a whole new community and a whole new place. I’m really excited to hopefully get the chance to go there, myself. But in the meantime, I am working very closely with some of the staff there to make sure that the social media experience we deliver to you is wonderful.
Matt: How’s it been, I guess, meeting them either by phone or by email, I guess? How has it been working with them so far?
Amy: It’s actually been really great, and I shouldn’t say actually. It’s been really great [laughter]. I find that they’re very down-to-earth people, very sincere. Our interactions show that they really care about their customers and delivering an experience for their customers that is satisfying so that when they leave, they’re not going to be trash talking dealerships like we so often learn about. Actually, I’m just going to let you know this [laughter]. They consider that they offer the Diamond difference at their dealership. And it’s kind of a fun play on the name, but it’s also true. They do offer an experience that is a cut above the other kinds of experiences that you might have at a dealership. So yeah.
Matt: That’s very good to hear. Dude, we need a Diamond experience out here in California [laughter].
Amy: Yes.
Matt: So I guess, how is that going to work? Or I mean, what’s going to happen for you in order to, I guess, have content to share on social media?
Amy: Oh, okay [laughter]. Well, we do have plans for our team to go out there, and we are going to film. And we’ll really capture the community. I’ve seen pictures. I’ve talked a little bit with the staff about some of the things that that might involve. You may not know that the dealership is very committed to volunteer firefighters.
Matt: Nice.
Amy: So that’s something we want to incorporate when we do that. There’s some local statues and various things that we also want to see in our videos. But until then, like I said, I’m working with the staff, and they’re kind of doing some of that on-the-ground work. And basically, when you craft a social media plan, you want to look at what do people want to see on their timeline?
Matt: Right.
Amy: That is the number one thing. When you post– and even you, as an individual person, you should always think, “Does somebody want to see this [laughter]?”
Matt: Yeah.
Amy: And when I’m posting on my own social media, I’m not necessarily thinking about that. But when it comes to the business, because the following, getting the following, connecting with the customers is so important, it really does come into every post you make. So we work with the dealership to promote certain offers, both on the sales end and the service end. We want you to know what kind of deals you can get. We work to kind of help you understand what we believe to be the Diamond difference. So we kind of spotlight some of those things so that you know what you’re getting into when you come see us. And I say, “See us.” Yeah. I already feel like I’m a huge part of the team [laughter].
Matt: You are a part of the team [laughter].
Amy: We work on just informing you and educating you about the various vehicles that are in the GMC and Buick lineup. So that’s some of what you can expect. And hopefully a little humor, a little education, all that.
Matt: Yeah. One thing, I think, that Diamond already has going for them is their reputation. I was looking earlier today just online, just for some stuff, not even really knowing what I’m looking for. Just typed them into Google, and I saw a lot of the reviews on there. And it seems like everyone, for the most part, is pretty happy with the service that they get. So let’s talk a little bit about that Diamond experience that you mentioned. Obviously, this is something that that dealership does take personal. With the reviews, I mean, it’s evident that they do care about their customers and they do treat them well out there. What is it that you’ve learned about the Diamond experience that kind of sticks out?
Amy: Okay. Well, let me cover some of the basics for us to start with.
Matt: All right.
Amy: You have participation in the GM Rewards program, so you can google that to learn more about it.
Matt: Okay.
Amy: All the service staff is GM certified trained, so you can really rely on knowing that your vehicle is in the best possible hands when you go and take it in for service.
Matt: Nice.
Amy: And here’s something that I think is amazing. So this is Minnesota, right?
Matt: Right.
Amy: Freezing cold in the winter.
Matt: Yeah.
Amy: Drive-in service lanes. We’re talking indoors.
Matt: Oh. No way.
Amy: Yeah, so you can stay warm.
Matt: That’s– okay.
Amy: A very important part of the Diamond difference right there. If you do bring your car in for service, there are work-ready loaners, free loaners so that you can still take care of your business.
Matt: Great.
Amy: Or if you would prefer to opt for having yourself picked up and your car picked up and delivered [laughter], you can do that. And then just some of the stuff that you might feel is standard but is still important to point out and to remember like sometimes I go in to get my car serviced, and you’re like, “Oh, it’s not worth leaving,” or, “I have work to do,” or, “I don’t have a ride,” or whatever. I don’t want to go through the hassle of the shuttle or whatever. There are free refreshments, so I can do my work [laughter].
Matt: Good. Yeah. They probably offer–
Amy: Coffee.
Matt: They offer WiFi as well?
Amy: Yes.
Matt: That’s beautiful.
Amy: Free WiFi. Even business work stations so you can just go in, get your work done.
Matt: Oh, geez. Yeah. Nice. I’m just going to work from the dealership today.
Amy: Bring the kids. Bring the kids if you have them. But seriously, if you’re a mom and you want to bring the kids, there’s a little area for them.
Matt: Yeah.
Amy: And transparency is very important, so you’re going to find that the prices are very clearly marked, so you’re not having to do a lot of, “Well, what are you really trying to say here [laughter]?”
Matt: Yeah. Good.
Amy: There’s a lot of additional add-ons that you can get for your vehicle to further protect it, and I think that’s something that me, being in California, we think about a little less. But you have those harsh and varying weather conditions in Minnesota, so very important. You can get financing on the spot.
Matt: Perfect.
Amy: There’s a great inventory of great vehicles. That should be considered as well. The dealership is involved in the community. As I mentioned before, the volunteer firefighters, but they do get involved in other things, as well. They really believe and hold to a no-pressure sales philosophy. So it’s kind of hard to believe that anyone in sales would really, actually, believe that [laughter]. Everybody gets a little desperate, you think, sometimes, but not at Diamond Buick GMC. They really believe in, “This is your choice,” and they want to make sure you’re comfortable and happy with it.
Matt: I was going to ask about that earlier because obviously, you’ve had to have phone conversations and maybe meet people using a go-to meeting or something like that where you’d actually look at the people that you’re working with face-to-face, but I was going to ask just if you’ve had the chance yet to speak with any of the salespeople out there. And then I was going to ask about the vibe you got, but it sounds like with the no-pressure sales tactic that you mentioned, it sounds like it’s something that you truly believe in [going?] out there.
Amy: Absolutely.
Matt: Yeah.
Amy: Yeah. Absolutely. Like I said before– yeah. I said before that a lot of times, dealerships get trash talked. And this is a big reason why people don’t like to go.
Matt: Yeah.
Amy: But there are, actually, a lot of good stores out there, and Diamond Buick GMC is one of them. It’s one where you know you can go, trust that you’re going to get an experience that’s different. Alexandria, Minnesota is– it’s a resort town, and for that town to have a dealership is amazing. So it’s definitely, in a way, a privilege for the town to have the dealership, and the dealership wants to stay in that same spirit.
Matt: Right. How about as far as– you did touch a little bit on the service, the benefits of getting your car serviced at that dealership. That indoor stuff sounds amazing, first and foremost. But it makes sense, too, because of where they’re at. I was going to ask, though, is there anything about the service that sticks out aside from, obviously, the free loaner and the work stations that you mentioned. Was there anything that maybe some people out there in the area might have not known thus far and maybe they should know and take into consideration? Anything at all?
Amy: I am so glad you asked [laughter] because yes. And this is maybe the most amazing thing that Diamond Buick GMC is offering right now, and that is a lifetime powertrain warranty.
Matt: Wow. Lifetime?
Amy: Lifetime. So you probably know this. When you purchase a vehicle, you get some warranty. You get a little 36 month or whatever, usually, warranty for– yeah. But here, at Diamond Buick GMC, lifetime powertrain warranty. And keep in mind, powertrain isn’t everything. So you’re still going to have to pay for things like if you get a flat tire or you need to replace your windshield wipers or anything that’s wearable like that.
Matt: Okay.
Amy: You’re still going to have to– that’s standard.
Matt: Yeah.
Amy: But yeah. So the powertrain, that’s what makes the car move.
Matt: Okay.
Amy: Yeah. Lifetime.
Matt: Nice. I mean, have you talked to anyone about– I mean, is it really that easy? If something goes wrong with powertrain, do I simply call up Diamond and they say, “We’ll have someone get your car. We’ll get a tow-truck, bring it in, and get it all handled for you,” or what?
Amy: It is really that easy.
Matt: Wow.
Amy: Now, let me ask you something.
Matt: Yeah.
Amy: Let’s say you lived in the vicinity of a dealership like Diamond Buick GMC that offered a lifetime powertrain warranty. Okay?
Matt: Okay.
Amy: You had a couple of choices of different places to go. You’d settled on– you were trying to decide. You want a truck. You were trying to decide what you wanted. You settled on a GMC. Right?
Matt: Okay.
Amy: Would you go to Diamond Buick GMC for the lifetime powertrain warranty?
Matt: Well, yeah.
Amy: Right?
Matt: I mean, if it’s lifetime. Yeah [laughter].
Amy: I mean, right. This is an amazing offer, and it’s worth– would you drive a little further for it?
Matt: Yeah. I mean, I definitely think I would. I know I would just because lifetime– come on.
Amy: And free refreshments, too.
Matt: Yeah, there you go. And I could use WiFi? No [laughter]. No. Honestly, though, lifetime warranties on anything nowadays is a little rare. So I think that’s huge for any vehicle. And the thing is about when I think of just Buicks or GMCs in the first place, I’m thinking of– me, personally, I’m thinking of trucks that GMC has to offer. I really do like their trucks, and their SUV lines are amazing. They look really good. And I don’t know if you, Amy, had the opportunity to drive one or even ride in one, but it’s just a smooth ride, but you feel so powerful in it.
Amy: Smooth and powerful.
Matt: Like you [inaudible] strong. These trucks are built to last, so to have even just the powertrain, a lifetime warranty on top of that, I’d just feel just even more secure.
Amy: Secure and confident. Right?
Matt: Definitely. Yeah. So that’s very good that you mentioned that. I guess is there anything else that we should look forward to as far as maybe the future? Or are you inviting new people or new customers, new car owners– should they be giving their name and pictures out on social media for us? Should they be tagging us?
Amy: Yes. I hope so. If you do purchase a vehicle at Diamond Buick GMC– and it doesn’t even have to be the brand new vehicle. If you get a pre-owned one, whatever. You’re welcoming something new into your life, and we want to see it. So feel free to take pictures. Yes, please tag Diamond Buick GMC. We’re on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, so we would absolutely love to see that and share it if you give us your permission.
Matt: That’s beautiful.
Amy: So yeah. And tell us what– if you come in and you have a great experience, share about your Diamond difference, your Diamond experience. We want to hear about it.
Matt: Perfect. And then once more before we go, I just wanted to know is there any way that we maybe get to know in advance when you’ll be expected to be out there in Minnesota? And maybe we can invite some of the listeners and just chat with them, talk to them, and maybe they can even get on a podcast of their own?
Amy: Sure. As soon as I know, you’ll know [laughter].
Matt: That sounds perfect. So again, guys, it’s Matt with Think Creative, along with my teammate here, Amy, who is the newest member of the Diamond experience out there in Minnesota, Diamond Buick GMC. She’s doing all the social media for them. And man, you already gave me some great information, Amy. I’m actually looking forward to what else we’re going to be doing with this dealership. Sounds like they already have a great reputation. I know that you also do a lot of the reputation management for several other clients that we’ve had in the past, and I’m just anxious to see where you take this. Is there anything else you want to say to your listeners?
Amy: I appreciate your confidence [laughter].
Matt: I just know the work that you can do, that’s all.
Amy: Yeah. Again, just go on out. Take the chance to go to Diamond Buick GMC. If you’re going for service or if you need a new vehicle, it’s a cut above. It really is.
Matt: Appreciate that.
Amy: It takes a little bit of extra work, maybe, to find it. But you can do it. I believe in you. Google Maps [laughter].
Matt: Also, ladies and gentleman, listeners out there, we are going to become great friends in the near future because Amy’s probably going to be on these podcasts at least once a month. So if there are, I just wanted to invite everyone out there. If there are any questions that you have about maybe a vehicle in particular or maybe just the whole Diamond experience, need a little more clarification on anything, we welcome those questions. So if you go ahead and find us on any social media, whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. I think you could even chat online if you go to the website. We’ll take those questions. We’ll make sure we get the answers for you. Even though we are in a different state, we are definitely here with you. And believe us, we are working very close with the whole diamond team out there in Minnesota. We’re anxious to meet you guys. Again, welcome those questions. And we’ll talk to you soon. Amy, thank you so much, and good luck with everything.
Amy: Thanks. Thank you.
Matt: All right. Have a good one.