While there are no announcements as to what we should expect in Buick’s future, the HM Authority has tried to conduct some research on this issue. The conclusion is there are 5 new Buick crossovers that we can expect by 2020. The fact is that the crossover and SUV markets are booming. The Buick is sending its LaCrosse Premium full-size sedan and Cascada to an end in order to create a crossover lineup which might make Buick unstoppable in the coming years.

Buick is expected to move its innovation and beef up its crossover portfolio in the coming years. There’s a lot we can expect with their high-end models and redesigns and freshness of the already expanding production. The only information that they gave out about their future is their measures to expand into electric vehicles. The company is working tirelessly on a major launch that involves the introduction of 5 new crossover models by the end of the model year 2020. They will be the second generation’s improvement of the present models but there will be new entries.
Some of the future crossover models will be available in both North America and China but several others will be exclusively available in North America and others only in China’s market. Before we proceed, here is some information that we should touch on. Just note that all that we talk about here is a result of painstaking research, fact-finding, and analysis which is performed and presented by GM authority. As I have already stated, Buick hasn’t announced anything and little has been confirmed on the subject by both General Motors and its division Buick.
Additionally, you have to note that some of the information and facts conveyed here can change despite the fact that we are aware of the Chinese market where these crossover models will be made. The other thing is that it’s not guaranteed that all the below crossover models will be made in China, some of them may be made in North America.

Buick Enspire

This is the first thing we anticipate. The manufacturer is presenting this as a ’coming to production’ concept of Buick Enspire. Although more is expected in terms of making this crossover model electric, we know something about the internal combustion engine. The whole idea started in 2018 when General Motors moved to trademark the Enspire with the USPTO. From this point in time, the development and production process of the vehicle is on the books.
The whole project was assigned the code E2UB which stands for E2=E2 platform which in simple terms stands for the name of a GM‘s vehicle architecture with the sole purpose of underpinning midsize and full-size vehicles. U Stands for Crossover Body style and eventually, B stand for Buick Brand.
This long-awaited crossover model will be similar to Cadillac XT4. The two crossover models will ride on the same E2 platform. However, the design of Enspire will be distantly different from that of XT4. We are expecting this crossover model to hit the market somewhere in 2020 as a 2021 model.

Second-Gen Envision

This is the second crossover that we are looking forward to. It is expected to hit the market by 2020 and feature as a 2021 model. This is assigned the code 9CUB which stands reveals the segment model, the body type and eventually the brand name. Although we don’t have enough information about this model, we agree that it may be an only affair for the Chinese market. Maybe the Buick Enspire will come to the American Market to shield the gap. We also predict that the GM Dong Yue Plant in China may be responsible for the production.

Buick Envoy

With all the information that has been revealed about the GM crossover prototype, we can be sure that the Buick Envoy is a future Buick crossover. It is believed that this model will be a crossover of midsize plus proportions. There are also some reasons to believe that it will be known as the Buick Envoy. The model is assigned the code C1UB as the Platform, body type, and the Buick Brand. This may feature two rows of seating. We don’t have clear information about whether this will come to the United States or any other part of North America’s market. This model may get out by Mid 2020.

B-Segment Entry-Level Model

There was a recent announcement by GM Authority that General Motors will introduce a new Buick SUV in China. However, this model is yet to be named though we have little information about the B-Segment Entry-Level Model. It may be positioned as a less premium offering. It is assigned the code JBUB standing for the Platform code, the Segment model, body design and eventually the brand. The crossover model has also been spotted undergoing tests. What this means is that this crossover model may be launched somewhere in 2019 but feature as a 2020 Model.

Second-Gen Encore

This is another crossover model that we expect anywhere this year. It may be out by the end of 2019 but feature as a 2020 model. This is being developed on GM VSS F platform and is assigned the code 9BUB for the Platform Code, The segment model, Body style and eventually the Brand. Its availability may only remain in North America and China. It will be developed in North Korea and China. Most of the people also feel that it may be more premium compared to the previous models.
All the above crossovers may be presented to the market in the span of 24 months which we believe is a big deal. The information about the production and how Buick has energy in researching and utilizing the information about consumer behavior means they are very serious in presenting machines that people really need.
The above-awaited models are believed to come with some impact in the crossover markets. They may scale Buick into a whole new wave in China and North America. This is the main reason why there are high expectations in terms of customers.