Amy: 00:01
Hi, this Amy. I am here with Diamond Buick GMC’s Podcast. Excited to bring another episode to you today. I am joined by Matt. Hi, Matt.
Matt: 00:12
Hey, how are you?
Amy: 00:13
Wonderful in fact. And yourself?
Matt: 00:17
Doing well, thanks.
Amy: 00:19
You’re doing well, even though you are currently undergoing one of the most stressful experiences any human ever undergoes, which is the purchase of a new vehicle. Am I correct in saying that, or would you say this is more of an exciting time?
Matt: 00:32
Well, I mean it’s a little of both. I do get excited because I mean I get to take something home. I know I’m taking something home at the end of the day. I think it comes down to finding what’s right for me and my family.
Amy: 00:46
Whenever I purchase a new vehicle like on the daily [laughter]. No, I’m just kidding. But whenever I purchase a new vehicle, I always feel like it’s also– after you go through kind of the stress of figuring out what you want in making that commitment on such a huge life change, it’s like a self-confidence boost when you hit the road. You’re out there in something new, everybody’s looking at you. It’s great.
Matt: 01:11
Yeah. I mean, I don’t want to be looked at by everyone, but I know what you mean. Really, I just want my kids to enjoy it too [laughter].
Amy: 01:19
Okay. How many kids do you have?
Matt: 01:21
There’s two of them.
Amy: 01:23
Okay. All right. So tell us a little bit more about what you are looking for.
Matt: 01:28
Well, since there are two children in the family, they are getting older, very much into sports and things like that, I’m definitely looking for some type of SUV, some type of crossover so I could have some room to hall the equipment in and things like that.
Amy: 01:47
It makes sense. Okay. All right. So what have you looked at so far?
Matt: 01:51
Well, so I’m here now, at Buick, and I was looking at actually one of their, I guess it’s a medium-sized SUV. It’s the Enclave. I think that one’s kind of got– that’s the one I’m leaning towards right now, to be honest. I kind of feel like it’s not too big where I’d have to worry about gas, things like that, but it’s not too small either. I think it has plenty of room inside it. I don’t know if you’ve seen it yourself, but the inside looks lovely. Now I’m kind of thinking, “Is it too lovely for those kids [laughter]?”
Amy: 02:33
Nothing can be too lovely for the kids, come on now. And it’s kind of nice to have a little touch of luxury in your ride without having to necessarily spend the same money amount that you would for something more known to be upscale. I mean, you talked a little bit about the room, and one thing I’ve observed is that there really actually is quite a bit of room for passengers in this vehicle.
Matt: 03:01
Yeah. You know what’s really nice? So, obviously, I did think about the passengers, but then, also, with the ability to kind of maneuver those seats around, there’s a lot of room for groceries, work that we be doing around the house if I ever have to stop at I don’t know like a Lowe’s or a Home Depot or something. There’s plenty of room for me to throw things in there. So I kind of feel good about this one.
Amy: 03:31
Yay! That’s what I like to hear [laughter]. Buick, woo! Okay. Yeah. And definitely, there is room to maneuver and adjust. Is there anything else that you’re looking for? I mean, I know you need room for the kids. You need room is kind of the word that I’m hearing.
Matt: 03:49
Amy: 03:50
Is there anything else that you’re thinking about, that you need?
Matt: 03:53
Comfort. I think that’s huge for anyone that’s driving. And so it will be just me and my wife driving, and probably mostly her, to be honest. But yeah, so comfort’s obviously huge to us. I told you before, kids are very much into sports, so they do a lot of travel ball and things like that. So there are going to be times when we’ll make a road trip out of some of these games I assume, and comfort’s definitely going to be huge for them as well.
Amy: 04:25
So you make your wife drive. That’s what I’m hearing. Okay [laughter]. No. Yeah, comfort definitely. That is some of the positive feedback that this vehicle’s getting is that it’s comfortable. That it’s a good smooth ride. You don’t have to worry too much. One of the kinds of maybe unusual little things about this vehicle is that you’re not dealing with too many gadgets on the inside. You know what I’m saying?
Matt: 04:56
Right. Right.
Amy: 04:57
And when you’re talking about kids, there’s really only a few things that they need, and there’s only a few things that you need, right?
Matt: 05:08
Yeah. So the important things to one of my guys, one of my little guys, is the ability to control the stereo. He has certain songs I guess, a playlist if you will, of songs that he wants to listen to before his games to hype him up in things. So if he could play DJ, he’s happy.
Amy: 05:28
Okay. All right. Okay [laughter]. So what kind of music does he like to listen to, to hype himself up before games?
Matt: 05:37
You know what? I can’t even keep up with this kid. I don’t really know who the artists are.
Amy: 05:44
Okay. So you’re one of those parents [laughter].
Matt: 05:45
Amy: 05:47
Got it. Okay. And one of the things that maybe is a concern always when you’re getting a larger vehicle is your ability to kind of maneuver and see things, and the Enclave comes with your 360-degree camera and a backup camera. So that could be very helpful as well, so you don’t have to worry so much about that.
Matt: 06:08
For sure. There are times actually when in our old vehicle I guess, or current vehicle because we haven’t bought the new one yet but it’s a van, and coming in and out of those little spaces that they have at those parks are a little difficult sometimes.
Amy: 06:27
Sure. Yeah [laughter]. A van, huh?
Matt: 06:30
Yeah, yeah.
Amy: 06:31
I can see why you’re shopping.
Matt: 06:34
Amy: 06:35
All right. So tell me what are you thinking in terms of this vehicle and how it stacks up against the competitions? Is there anything that you’re thinking that you’re not sure about or that you’re absolutely really into?
Matt: 06:48
Okay. So it’s a V6. The one that we’re looking at, at least, is a V6, which means it’s not going to be terrible on gas, which is great for us because like I said, that whole travel ball thing, the roads out there, I could get a little crazy. So, obviously, I want to be able to have somewhat of a gas-saver but still have some power to the vehicle. So this does pack some power, especially for its size. It’s not a huge vehicle. It’s probably, I guess you could call it medium.
Amy: 07:22
Matt: 07:23
Yeah. And I think it has just over 300 horsepower, and I think that works well for us. We did already test-drive it; It’s very smooth. I think you mentioned that earlier. It’s actually a quiet ride, but I think that’s expected from Buick. I think over the years, they’ve kind of had that reputation of having pretty luxurious rides, smooth rides. And that’s really all it comes down to. I mean, the bells and whistles that some of those other guys are offering, not to say that they have bad vehicles, they look great, but it’s just some of that stuff isn’t necessary. I feel if we could all connect the same way, the infotainment center in this car and that Enclave, it’s fine. It’s pretty simple compared to some other ones that I’ve seen, but it does everything that we need it to do, and that’s what’s important to our family right now.
Amy: 08:30
Sounds good. I like it. Okay. And this vehicle comes with front-wheel drive, a standard, but there’s an all-wheel drive available. And that can tow up to 5,000 pounds with a trailer package. What do you think about that?
Matt: 08:46
I think that’s more than enough [laughter]. I mean, I think that’s awesome for us.
Amy: 08:52
And what would you be towing?
Matt: 08:54
Kids [laughter].
Amy: 08:57
Got it. Got it. Okay. All right. Sometimes also there is a concern when you get into a vehicle like this. We kind of touched on this earlier about leg room and depending on your size, how comfortable you’re actually going to be. Did you get in and test all the roads? What are you thinking?
Matt: 09:18
I didn’t spend too much time in the back, but I did go back there to see what the children would be feeling. One of my kids were with us, and he gave us his stamp of approval, so that means a lot. It’s a leather interior. I mean, it feels great. It’s nice and warm on those seats. They do have some options to help you out if it gets a little cold. But I mean, the technology on here, it’s great. It’s perfect for us.
Amy: 09:57
And it’s kind of nice to also lean towards a vehicle that is functional, that offers all those things that you need but maybe doesn’t necessarily come with that flash, which as you said, you didn’t want to be noticed on the road [laughter]. So you didn’t want people paying attention to you. So it does seem as if this might be a good choice for you.
Matt: 10:20
I really think it is. I think we’re very excited about it. One of the things that we also really liked about the vehicle was it had two sets of those moonroofs, so we had a couple of up front and then in the back seat as well. So I think the kids will really get a kick out of that.
Amy: 10:39
Those carefully placed perks [laughter].
Matt: 10:42
Yeah. Buick knows what they’re doing.
Amy: 10:45
All right. So tell me about like if you decide, no pressure, but if you decided to make the decision to go with the Enclave, why would you purchase it at Diamond Buick GMC?
Matt: 10:57
Just the friendliness. Everyone here is very friendly, to be honest with you, even if they’re not the ones that are helping us with our purchase, not even helping us decide. They actually like to laugh a lot over here, so they smile, they laugh, everything is great. The wife has checked out their social media, and it says that they seemed to be pretty honest, I guess checking out reviews, things like that, and there hasn’t been too many– nothing bad or alarming at all. No red flags. So I think–
Amy: 11:35
That’s unusual in a dealership.
Matt: 11:37
That’s right. No, you’re absolutely right. Well, I think when you have a reputation like theirs, I mean, you feel more at ease going to them.
Amy: 11:46
And are you aware of their Lifetime Powertrain Warranty?
Matt: 11:51
I think I’ve seen some signs about it. I don’t know too much about it.
Amy: 11:55
Okay. Yeah, you might see it when you were driving around. But yeah, so Diamond Buick GMC does offer a free Lifetime Powertrain Warranty, which is an incredible deal. So in my opinion, that’s another reason why you should consider buying from this store.
Matt: 12:09
Absolutely. A lifetime, okay.
Amy: 12:10
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, a lifetime. Obviously, or I shouldn’t say obviously, but to be clear, Powertrain Warranty doesn’t include parts that normally wear out like wear-and-tare parts that you use like your brakes, tires, stuff like that is not going to include. It’s the Powertrain. It’s the things that make the car move like your engine, transmission, but those are also very expensive components. So it’s nice to have that warranty in place that you can rely on that comes with purchasing the vehicle.
Matt: 12:39
Very nice. I’ll make sure that my wife knows about that, and–
Amy: 12:44
And all your friends and family and a smile.
Matt: 12:45
All right. I will tell all of them as well.
Amy: 12:46
All right. Okay [laughter]. Good. Good. I’m glad to hear it. What are some of the other things you will be considering as you make your final decision? Are you looking for any other kinds of add-ons?
Matt: 13:03
Maybe not so many add-ons. I really love the look. It’s pretty simple, but they have these little things that are like you said earlier, they’re placed well. There’s little bits of chrome on the outside, which isn’t too flashy, but I think that’s what makes it appealing. I’m just that type that I don’t need too much chrome anywhere but the little areas on the handles, some of the trim on the doors, and, of course, the wheels. I think that’s perfect.
Amy: 13:40
Great. I’m glad to hear it. So thank you so much for joining us and being so honest and sharing about your car or vehicle purchasing journey today, Matt. And–
Matt: 13:50
Oh, no worries. Thanks for having me.
Amy: 13:52
Yeah. Don’t forget, free Lifetime Powertrain Warranty. And for everybody else out there, check out Diamond Buick GMC if you’re looking for a Buick Enclave or another vehicle as well. We are here to help you make the right decision for your lifestyle. And that’s it for now.
Matt: 14:13
Amy: 14:13
You know what? Diamond’s last forever so does our warranty [laughter]. All right. We’ll see you next time. Thanks.
Matt: 14:18