Sierra Denali has always been known as one tough pickup truck with a solid stance and also great strength. If you have the vehicle, you can literally do anything you like – cruise smoothly down the road, tow other vehicles, carry a lot of cargo, and much more. Naturally, with the new Denali 2019 getting ready to launch, you can expect better and more improved features and performance. So, what can you expect from this new truck, anyway?

The Good and Bad

If you expect to get extravagant and excessive changes for the new Sierra Denali 2019, be ready to be disappointed. Yes, there will be some improvements but not too much. There are some expectations for the new 2019 Denali, such as the standard MultiPro tailgate. Not to mention that some features will also be added, such as head-up color display and rear-side camera mirror. The features are expected to improve convenience and comfort during the drive.

However, when it comes to interior cabin design and materials, the 2019 Denali is definitely left behind from the other competitors. It’s not that the cabin is old-school or lousy. But you can tell that others manage to design a more appealing and lush outcome when compared to this Denali.

If you don’t mind with the interior cabin overall design, you may find the new Denali to be quite impressive and nice. Basically, the new Denali is quite good and you can expect quite a lot from it. But don’t be too disappointed if it isn’t too bombastic or grandeur when compared to other brands within the same line of production.

The Current Development

Pickup trucks never go out of style because there is always a fan base for this tough and buff vehicle. In fact, the full-size truck sectors are currently popular and trendy, especially since new entries are making the competitive flairs sharp and visible. GMC keeps up quite well with the competitive market in this area. The Sierra 1500 (along with the new developments) should be the first choice for many and also the fully loaded Denali is an attractive choice.

When compared to Sierra 1500, the Denali has fewer options. 1500 comes with various ranges, covering engine options, option packs, bed configurations, and also trim levels. The Denali, on the other hand, only comes with the Crew Cab option – although you can choose whether you want the long or the short bed. The Denali will come with the standard V8 engine with 5.3-liter capacity but they do offer the optional V8 type with 6.2-liter capacity. Both of these engine types can be paired with four or two-wheel driving systems. Which truck is right for you will depend on your needs.

The Expected Improvement

As it was mentioned before, expect some improvements and developments with this new Sierra. It would be the first truck with an adjustable six-way tailgate. It gives you better flexibility to manage and arrange it as your workspace. You only need to adjust the setting so it can secure longer (and even bigger) items. You can easily flip it down for a better (and also easier) step.

Moreover, the truck has a rear camera mirror that delivers a wide angle and also a better view of the back area of the truck. And as if that weren’t enough, the truck comes with a head-up full-color display. And let’s not forget the exciting improvement of the lighter beds. This line will be introducing a new (and also the first) line of a pickup truck with carbon-fiber bed – planned to release summer of this year.

Features and Their Improvements

GMC continually strives to keep up with the competition and offer features that customers are looking for in a truck. That’s why they are focusing on the features, such as lane-keep assist, seat-buzz warning system, and also the blind-spot monitoring technology. While it may seem like the Denali lacks some features customers are used to, it makes up for them in other areas. For instance, it has a WiFi hotspot as well as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It also comes with an easy touchscreen 8-inch colored infotainment system.

Power and Performance

The truck has some serious strength despite the buff design and solid stance. Even with the tough construction, the vehicle is able to take you to cruise down the road in a smooth ride. Thanks to its V8 engine with a 6.2-liter capacity, producing 420 hp of power and also 460 Nm of torque. It is paired with auto 10-speed transmissions. The torque is punchy enough to speed up in an instant and when you pair it up with Adaptive Ride Control technology, the suspension is controlled and managed nicely.

Basically, this is a good and functional ride that delivers in all of the most important areas – if that’s what you are after. But in the end, Denali 2019 is nice for those looking for punchy performance without disappointment.