Since completing the 2017 sales of the Opel car line and its sister brand, Vauxhall, to French automaker PSA Group, Buick’s offerings in the U.S. have been a bit slim. However, now unleashed from their European designs, Buick is changing it up.  The automaker recently revealed new details on several exciting concepts and crossovers that could flip everything we know about Buick upside down, including the new North American 2020 Buick Encore GX. 


The Future is Orange


At last month’s secretive conference, two sleek and sophisticated concept cars were revealed to Car Design News. The car site reported that Buick is making bold moves with these new designs.

“This is a really important time for Buick,” according to the brand’s executive design director, Helen Emsley. “For a while we’ve been trying to reinvent Buick and find out what it is.”

The first concept shown, now referred to only as “The Orange Car,” featured a mix of aggressive new features with familiar design cues that created a car many would be pleasantly surprised to see roll out under the Buick brand. This concept isn’t currently approved for production, but it appears to be inspiring much of Buick’s new design philosophy.


A New Crossover, Ripe from the Tree


Buick Enspire

After a surprising video presentation, Car Design News was shown two clay models of Buick’s new concepts. While the first “Orange Car” model may never make it past the concept stage, the other clay creation shown has apparently already been approved for production.

This four-door crossover was described as having a “sweeping coupé-like roofline that shares many of the Orange Car’s distinctive details.” The crossover is said to be an all-new design adding to their lineup, rather than replacing a current member of Buick’s growing family. Last year, Buick unveiled a similar-sounding crossover concept dubbed the Enspire. With GM now making moves to trademark the Enspire name, some believe that the Enspire could be what was shown at the Shanghai conference.

While drivers await the release of these provocative new concepts, another new Buick crossover will soon be available to U.S. car buyers.

An Existing Crossover Gets an Encore


Last month, Buick unveiled the now full-redesigned Buick Encore at the Shanghai Auto Show. The Encore’s new design came in two flavors: a smaller subcompact design under the Encore name and a larger edition named the Encore GX.

Buick Encore GXAutomotive News reports that the Buick Encore GX is now slated to make its way to American shores and stores, with an expected release later this year. Buick believes that the GX will fit the slot between the manufacturer’s current Encore and Envision, with the aim being to help Buick retain customers and attract buyers from other brands who may have felt left out by the current lineup.

Meanwhile, the smaller Encore shown in Shanghai will be sold in Chinese markets. It will be offered alongside a 3-throw version of the popular Envision, expanding Buick’s range of choices for the massively important Chinese markets that make up an overwhelming majority of Buick’s current sales.

Buick isn’t looking to abandon American markets anytime soon. The Buick Encore GX is expected to boost already strong U.S. sales for the Encore brand. According to CarBuzz, America has fallen in love with the Encore, as annual sales have nearly tripled since it launched in 2013. More than 93,000 Encore units were sold in 2018 alone. With the Encore accounting for 47% of Buick’s total sales volume, expanded options should translate to expanded sales as well. In 2017, the Encore received a series of interior improvements that strengthened sales, but this would be the crossover’s first total revamp.

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