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Hi. It’s Amy from Think Creative. I’m here for the latest episode of Diamond Buick GMC’s podcast. Welcome, everyone. Today, I am joined by Josh. Hi, Josh.
Josh: 00:10
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Josh is a Buick enthusiast and he’s here to talk with us a little bit about some of the things that we can expect to see coming from Buick. Things they’re working on, the ways they’re trying to get their fanbase excited. So we’re looking forward to hearing all of that today. So Josh, first of all, tell me why do you love Buick.
Josh: 00:29
To be honest, they just kind of give you that feeling of a family car, comfortable, smooth on the road, kind of like an every day car, good for road trips, good for long distances but, more or less, just a family-oriented car.
Amy: 00:53
Okay. So obviously, someone can use a family car anytime of the year. But now that we’re heading into summer, you mentioned specifically road trips, this is a great time if you’re planning a road trip to maybe think about a Buick, right?
Josh: 01:03
Yeah. It’s good for going to the beach and all that stuff, got a lot of space.
Amy: 01:07
A lot of space. Perfect. Okay. So speaking of Buick and what they coming up for the future, sometimes we hear little rumors come out, we find out a little bit about what’s going on at different auto shows. One of the things that we’ve heard a little bit about is that Buick is working on a couple of concept cars, which is very exciting. Yeah. One of the concept cars that I heard mentioned was the Orange Car. Have you heard of that one?
Josh: 01:40
Yeah. So that’s just one of the concepts that was shown at the Shanghai event, the auto show, and basically it’s just a new sleeker design car, probably some new technology coming out. They didn’t really elaborate too much but definitely a new car that’s coming out in their lineup.
Amy: 02:02
Maybe some new features on this car?
Josh: 02:04
Yeah. Some new features, different designs, just kind of throwing another name out there. It’s just a concept. They don’t really know if this one will make it to production but definitely something that they’re thinking about.
Amy: 02:19
Okay. Cool. So why do you think it’s called the Orange Car? What are they thinking?
Josh: 02:27
I’m not really sure, to be honest. Maybe it’s just a different style car. Orange is kind of like a dynamic color. So maybe they’re going a little more dynamic with this one. I don’t know.
Amy: 02:40
Cool. I like it.
Josh: 02:41
Trying to change the script.
Amy: 02:42
Good insight. So the Orange Car is one thing. We don’t know if that particular vehicle is ever really going to make it past the concept stage. That happens sometimes. We get all excited about something and then it never goes anywhere. But there is something that we’ve heard that maybe has already been approved for production. What can you tell us about that?
Josh: 03:03
I believe the car you’re talking about is the new crossover. That was also mentioned at the Shanghai event. That one is going to be Buick Enspire. I think that one is going to be another cool concept, another cool car that they’re coming out with. It’s a four-door crossover and that I think they’re just throwing it in there to give people another crossover option with the Buick brand.
Amy: 03:34
Okay. So when you say that, you mean that probably we don’t have to worry that they’re planning on retiring an existing vehicle in the lineup but–
Josh: 03:41
No. So they definitely don’t want to replace anything. They’re just throwing another one in there. Enspire is just another like the Envision or the Encore, those type of crossover cars. Just giving people, customer another option when they’re looking for a crossover.
Amy: 04:02
Okay. Well, that’s very exciting. So I heard that GM had trademarked the name Enspire. So that probably is what’s going to be called, then.
Josh: 04:15
Yeah. More or less. I think when you trademark something, it’s kind of set in stone.
Amy: 04:20
All right. So we have those things to look forward to as Buick fans but there’s also some exciting stuff in the works for the Encore. What can you tell me about that?
Josh: 04:32
So last month, Buick came out with their new kind of like another concept but the Encore is a car that everyone knows is probably going to stay in the lineup. So they just kind of did a redesign on it. They unveiled that at the Shanghai show.
Amy: 04:56
Okay. What can you tell me about the redesign?
Josh: 04:58
This one is going to be a little smaller. Basically, probably a little more sleek, probably fits in tight spaces a little easier and basically, it’s just that same old Encore that you’re used to in two new models. So they’re coming with a base model of the regular Encore. Like I said, that one is a little smaller. And then they’re giving you another trim with the Encore GX. That one is going to be the larger edition. That one is going to have all the bells and whistles, whatever you’re looking for on bigger crossovers.
Amy: 05:36
Okay. That’s pretty exciting. I know that Americans are kind of pretty big fans of the Encore and they’re also fans of big cars. So do you think that that’s kind of what drove this decision or–?
Josh: 05:47
Maybe. I know that Encore has really good sells here in the US. So maybe that had something to do with it.
Amy: 05:54
Okay. Cool. So the Encore GX is definitely something to look forward to. And when did you say it was going to be out again?
Josh: 06:00
I believe 2019. Maybe towards the end of the year.
Amy: 06:05
All right. Cool. All right. Definitely something to look forward to for those of you who like the Encore but maybe want to see something a little bit bigger or better. So one thing I kind of learned when I was prepping for this podcast is that the Buick brand is huge in China. Why do you think that is?
Josh: 06:24
I don’t know. Maybe because China is such a big technological area. They’re always on top of technology, the newest and the latest stuff. So maybe just how Buick is a good brand by the way that they incorporate that technology into their cars. So I feel like maybe just having that community that’s centered around technology, they just kind of lean towards a car that has that same technology to keep up with their life style.
Amy: 07:01
That makes a lot of sense. And do you think that, as an American, I need to be worried– as an American Buick fan, that Buick has any plans to abandoned the States customers and focus more on what Chinese customers need or–?
Josh: 07:15
I don’t believe so. I think that Buick has a strong foot stamp here in the US. I think that a lot of people like their cars. The Encore is a car that does a lot of sales here in the US and they’re supporting that by bringing two more Encore models back to people who like the cars. So the GX is supposed to fit in between the Encore and the Envision. So I think people shouldn’t be scared. I think they should be excited to see the new type of Encores coming out but not only everything that’s coming out from the Buick brand.
Amy: 08:01
All right. So we touched a little bit on technology and one thing I noticed with the Enspire is that it really has a lot of interesting technology going on for it. One thing that I thought was kind of cool was that it has that front LED grill.
Josh: 08:17
Yeah. Kind of just lights up your grill a little bit [laughter].
Amy: 08:23
And even communicates with other commuters, right? On the road?
Josh: 08:27
Yeah. That’s something you’re seeing in a lot of car brands now. And I think Buick is coming out with their version of kind of technology that keeps you safe.
Amy: 08:39
Technology that keeps you safe. I like it. And so we talked a little bit about how the Encore is so popular here and does do almost 50% of sales for Buick in the States. So we’re thinking that, probably, with the addition of the Encore GX, that’s just going to grow.
Josh: 08:56
Yeah. That should grow with the GX and then they’re bringing a newer, smaller model kind of like the old one. So if you miss the old one, it’s not going anywhere.
Amy: 09:07
Right. Okay. Great. So I represent the store Diamond Buick GMC. That’s who we’re here for this podcast today. Have you ever been there, Josh?
Josh: 09:15
I have not.
Amy: 09:17
Okay. Well, I hope you get a chance to go sometime. It’s in a lovely area in Minnesota. What do you think of when you think of Minnesota?
Josh: 09:24
Minnesota, I think cold.
Amy: 09:27
Cold. Well, fair enough. It is cold most of the time but we are heading into summer, as we talked about before, where is a little bit warmer, sunnier, and we hope that if you’re listening out there, you’ll make the track to Diamond Buick GMC. Right now, Diamond Buick GMC is offering– they’ve just launched an exciting new plan which is the lifetime powertrain warranty and it’s free. That’s the biggest part and I almost forgot to mention it. So what do you think about that?
Josh: 09:54
That’s cool that it’s free. That’s kind of an incentive to get down there and get yourself a vehicle. But I think it’s cool that Buick’s unveiling a new warranty. A lot of dealers are coming out with new warranties for their cars to maybe incentivize people to come down and buy. But I think Buick is definitely giving them some competition with their powertrain warranty.
Amy: 10:23
Absolutely. Yeah. It is a good reason to, if you’re in the area, think about maybe making your purchase at Diamond Buick GMC over some of the competitors because you know that when you buy a vehicle, that you’re going to be taken care of if anything goes wrong with that powertrain for the lifetime of the vehicle. They have a great service department there. So we hope that you’ll stop in and you can investigate that when you’re purchasing a car, find out what this service process is like. They have got a really nice indoor service lane so that you don’t have to worry about being out in the heat or the cold. And they’re expanding, actually, right now, their service department. So that’s pretty exciting too. So we hope that you will definitely consider Diamond Buick GMC if you’re in the market for a new vehicle. And for all the listeners out there, we also hope that you will check out Check out the blog there where we have a lot of updates and news about both the GMC brand and the Buick brand, and follow us on social. And thank you so much for tuning in today and we look forward to talking with someone again next month. Thanks. Thanks, Josh.
Josh: 11:25
Thank you.
Amy: 11:26