Truck bed protection is important, so here’s how you can pick the right truck bed cover to go alongside a new CarbonPro bed.


Protecting Below


Most trucks these days are made with the traditional bed material: steel. The downside of strong and sturdy steel is that it is also heavy and bulky. Throw on protective plastic coverings and after-market liners and you give up even more space and add to the already hefty weight. This year, Diamond Buick GMC is proud to offer a better solution for your 2019 Sierra: our new CarbonPro material.



What is CarbonPro


Without a doubt, the best choice of material for your truck’s bed is GMC’s new CarbonPro offering. Give your truck a touch of the aerospace industry and seven-figure supercars.

  • CarbonPro is the industry’s first carbon fiber bed box. Carbon fiber offers increased durability, efficiency and functionality to the truck bed over traditional steel bed materials.
  • CarbonPro replaces the standard steel inner panels and floor with our own lightweight, purpose-designed carbon composite material called Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP).
  • CarbonPro features best-in-class dent, scratch and corrosion resistance.

Newly added to the 2019 lineup, this is a GMC exclusive offering. CarbonPro is offered in limited quantities for Sierra Denali 1500 and AT4 1500 models.


What Makes Carbon a Pro?



  • The biggest benefit to the CarbonPro Edition is less weight. The carbon composite bed cuts 62 pounds from a similarly equipped Sierra sporting a traditional steel bed, which is a 25 percent decrease in weight. CarbonPro can cut even more pounds as it eliminates the need for a drop-in or spray-on bed liner due to the carbon fiber bed already providing the protection and grip that these additions bring.
  • CarbonPro is also more damage-resistant than traditional steel bed materials. Our carbon composite can tackle six times more impact energy than steel. CarbonPro is also UV-resistant all the way through, so rare scratches and tears won’t lead to rust or corrosion.
  • CarbonPro also allows for increased bed space due to it being thinner than our traditional steel design. CarbonPro adds 1 cubic foot of extra space compared to the Sierra’s short steel bed, which gives the CarbonPro bed a total 64 cubic feet of storage capacity.


Protection Above


Covering your tools and toys above is nearly as important as what lies beneath them. With so many choices available both at the dealership and aftermarket, it can be overwhelming. Here’s a few quick tips on finding the bed cover that covers all your needs.

  • If your truck is going to be used for work purposes, such as lugging around tools and equipment, Loadmaster-type sliding access toppers are a great choice. They offer safe storage, side access to toolboxes and parts, and can slide out and around the bed for convenient location on the job. You’ll save time, as well as your knees, not having to climb up into the bed to search around for a simple screwdriver.
  • Tall, regular caps are great for outdoor enthusiasts. From hunting to camping, this choice gives you plenty of vertical space for all your equipment. Side access doors can be added so make it even easier to grab hold of your fishing rod or shotgun of choice.
  • Smaller, OEM-looking toppers may not offer as much storage space but they can blend in with the truck’s design more naturally. If sleek image is more important to you than storage capacity, consider this option.
  • Even smaller options like a simple tonneau cover are great if you are simple seeking security for your belongings. They’ll also keep your things dry in wet weather.

If you’re looking for a new truck equipped with a CarbonPro bed, such as a new Sierra, come down to Diamond Buick GMC today!