Some like it hot, some like it cold … some like it loud, and others, not so bold. With Buick’s QuietTuning, noise is no issue.  When it comes to isolation from the beeping and buzzing of the outside world, Buick has long been an industry leader in pioneering whisper-quiet interiors for a library-like experience on the road. To do so, Buick vehicles employ a special engineering process to maximize isolation for a distraction-free cabin experience. This Buick-exclusive design is known as QuietTuning and it makes Buick vehicles some of the quietest cars on the road. 


Why is QuietTuning Important?


The goal of the Buick QuietTuning design is to virtually eliminate distracting noise both from the car itself and the world around it. Sounds such as engine revs, noisy bumper-to-bumper traffic and obstructions in the road like fresh potholes all add up to an audio experience that can leave drivers dangerously distracted. Likewise, what’s the point of having a super sophisticated sound system and luxurious interior seating for your passengers if you can’t hear either of them over the cacophony around you and your vehicle?

Reducing unwanted sound isn’t just for the comfort of you and your passengers. QuietTuning also serves to help increase the accuracy of the available IntelliLink voice control system. With less unwanted sound sources to comb through, signal-to-noise ratio is much more precise. Your voice is much easier for IntelliLink to pick up, so you will have a far less errors in your time talking to your Buick than in many competitor’s vehicles.


How Does QuietTuning Work?


Buick’s QuietTuning engineering is incorporated in many areas throughout the vehicle. From passive noise reduction provided by specially-designed seals to active technologies that combat noise directly, QuietTuning works to provide a crystal-clear interior experience in some of the world’s quietest cars. 

QuietTuning - Quietest Cars

  • Glass: While it is great that windows let light in form the great outdoors, they alsoprovide a perfect avenue for noises to leak into your interior. QuietTuning’s special Acoustic-Laminated Glass helps dampen soundwaves as they travel through the windows and windshield to reduce incoming noise.
  • Doors: Unfortunately, doors are a great avenue for sound leakage, as they let noise hitch a ride in your Buick alongside you and your passengers. QuietTuning doors are outfitted with a host of sound suppressors, including custom inner door sound barriers and absorbers and triple level seals to keep all but the loudest hitchhikers from invading your space.  
  • Under the Hood: While some drivers love a loud and proud engine growl, others prefer not to hear their car’s heartbeat at all. QuietTuning pairs hydraulic engine mounts with specially designed engine-side acoustics and dash mats that soak up sound waves trying to pass through to the cabin.
  • Body Armor: Sound comes from all directions, so QuietTuning provides special acoustic insulation material throughout the car’s body. This virtual sound shield helps block noise seeping in from under the hood, as well as deflecting distractions trying to find their way through the headliner and doors.
  • Shape: Aerodynamics are important to reducing sound generated from wind rolling across your vehicle. Specially-designed underbody paneling helps lower wind and road surface noise.
  • Suspension: Of course, one of the best ways to reduce noise is to prevent it from being generated in the first place. To do so, QuietTuning custom coil spring isolators are incorporated into the suspension, as well as specially-tuned shock absorbers, to help provide a smooth ride with less noise-producing bumps on the road ahead.
  • Parts: Shack, Rattle and Roll may be a great song from days past, but it is definitely not something you want your vehicle’s parts to be doing. QuietTuning design uses high-strength steel to minimize the spooky quacking of your car’s bones and the noise they produce.
  • Active Cancellation: Defenses only do so much to protect your from distractions; sometimes, the best defense is a good offense. Some QuietTuning models are armed with Bose Active Noise Cancellation to take the fight to unwanted invading sounds. With this system, a collection of microphones pick up the telltale sounds of unwanted distractions and pass them along to a computer. This computer analyzes the nuisances and sends new counteracting sound waves to the vehicle’s speakers and subwoofers that cancel out the offending noise, leaving you in precious silence.

If you’re interested in getting one of the road’s quietest cars, such as a new 2019 Enclave, come see us at Diamond Buick GMC today!