GMC’s latest innovation, the MultiPro, revolutionizes everything we know about the tailgate. Gear Junkie’s review proves MultiPro is worth the price.


Catch a Tiger by the Tailgate


The tailgate might not seem like the most state-of-the-art part of your truck, but GMC’s new MultiPro tailgate might just change that. First revealed at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, GMC shocked the competition with their new and improved tailgate experience. Now available on the 2019 Sierra 1500, buyers can get their hands, feet and luggage on this impressive new piece of hardware. Gear Junkie put the MultiPro’s promised improved ergonomics, access and functionality to the test and it passed with flying colors.


Transformers: Tailgates in Disguise


The first aspect Gear Junkie discussed was the multiple configurations MultiPro is capable of. With a primary tailgate, a smaller integrated secondary and a load stop/step fold out, the MultiPro can change into six different configurations.


Primary Engaged


The first major component is of course the primary tailgate. The big difference between the MultiPro and traditional tailgates is the inclusion of a weatherproof rubber-coated button to open the tailgate, rather than the cumbersome latch handles of the past. It can also be opened remotely with the press of a button on the key fob. The primary tailgate comes in two flavors: 70 inches or 80 inches.


MultiPro TailgateDon’t Share the Load


Next up is the load stop. Deployed from the primary tailgate, it flips up to stop anything in the truck bed from falling out backwards when the primary is down. Drivers following you won’t have to worry about over-sized luggage slipping out and crashing into them “Final Destination” style. The load stop can take a pounding, as it is rated for up to 375 pounds. Gear Junkie did have one minor annoyance with the load stop. Lacking a locking mechanism means that a bump from passersby or backing up could make it fold back down unintentionally.


Activating Secondary


Perhaps the most unique feature of the MultiPro is the additional smaller tailgate. This little cousin folds out from the top half of the primary tailgate, perfect for luggage that needs some extra length above but protection from the close primary gate below. It also makes for a convenient small shelf at a taller height than folding out the primary would provide.The load stop panel can also work with the secondary tailgate. The second-tier loading platform provided by the secondary tailgate allows is 49.5 inches wide and extends length by 17.75 inches.


Working on the Road


The secondary tailgate also makes for a convenient small shelf at a taller height than folding out the primary would provide. On the AT4 trim of the Sierra 1500, the primary tailgate reaches only 38.5 inches tall. For taller folks, bending over to use the primary as a workbench could put some serious strain on the back. With the secondary tailgate deployed, you won’t have to bend over quite so far to do some work with a laptop, sign paperwork or saw on some wood.

Another advantage of the secondary tailgate is it offers easier access to the truck bed when the primary is down. Rather than having to climb up into the truck, you can simply fold down the secondary tailgate and enjoy the 10-in. inset it provides. Getting to your truck bed and the luggage within is much easier.


MultiPro TailgateStepping up with the Load Stop


Gear Junkie’s most-used feature of the MultiPro was the load stop, or in this case, the load step. With the primary tailgate folded down, the load stop converts into a handy step. At about 23-in. tall, the knee-height step makes it very easy to step up into the truck bed when the secondary tailgate inset isn’t enough.

Gear Junkie’s tests found it very convenient, with the ability to step up into the truck bed hands-free being a major bonus. It also provided the tester’s children endless enjoyment, as they could play around in the truck bed without the need of a parent to lift them up. The kids were also able to help load up the truck as a result.

Gear Junkie also praised the step for being perfect when putting on boots. It can also be used as a footrest for passengers lounging around in the truck bed. The included grab handle, able to swing into place when needed, was very handy for those needing a bit more support getting up into the truck.


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