The Buick Regal TourX is pushing back against prevailing wisdom that says wagons are a thing of the past. New stats show it is selling very well, especially with higher-income buyers.


TourX Defies Expectations


When it comes to hot ticket items, wagons are hardly the first thing that would come to most buyer’s minds. As SUV sales have skyrocketed and crossovers conquer charts, seemingly “older” designs like that of the TourX were expected to fare poorly. Yet, to Buick’s delight, that is hardly the case. The Regal TourX has been a surprise runaway hit, and in an unexpected twist, well-to-do buyers are gobbling up this wagon.



2019 Buick Regal TourX

Backed By Big Bucks


According to a new report from Auto Blog, if you’re wealthy, you apparently want a wagon. The car journalism site revealed recently that sources at Buick said that buyers of the Regal TourX are the highest income customers of the brand, blowing away their other vehicles. Despite Buick’s attempts to push the Enclave Avenir as their vehicle-of-choice for rich customers (with a price tag to match) even it was eclipsed by the Regal TourX. Many would hardly expect a car worth just under $36,000 to cater to wealthy patrons more than the $54,695 Enclave, yet that is the case today.  


Sales Souring


Buick is sure to be happy that it isn’t just the rich that are buying the Regal TourX. Indeed, the wagon has brought in far more sales than the company expected. Early estimates were apparently conservative, given Buick projected just 25% of sales would go to the Regal TourX. The latest numbers dwarf that figure, with a whopping 40% sales share going to Buick’s wagon.

According to Auto Blog, Buick sold a total of 3,408 Regals this year. Of that number, around, 1,400 were Regal TourX versions. While these numbers aren’t nearly as big as some of the automaker’s other options, it shows that wagon’s aren’t out of the game just yet.

With even the least popular Buick crossover, the Envision, selling around double the amount of Regals sold last quarter, the Regal isn’t a gigantic winner just yet. Nonetheless, with more supply now available after a slow start to the rollout of the TourX, sales numbers should continue to rise.

Buick may yet consider releasing an even more premium variant of the Regal, given the unexpected adoration it is receiving from the wealthy. Buick backers may see a Regal TourX Avenir coming for their wallets in the future.


Slacking Salesforce

2019 Buick Regal TourX


Another reason Buick’s Regal TourX sales were such a surprise to analysts was just how hard it has been to get dealerships to sell the wagon. As GM Authority reported, many potential customers were rebuked at Buick dealerships when they sought out the new wagon.

GM Authority shared several quotes from readers who had sought out the TourX, only to be shut down by less-than-helpful salespeople. From tales of refused test drives to stories of salespeople abandoning TourX prospects for other customers, it seems dealerships aren’t dealing well with the Regal TourX. With news of the strong sales spreading, salespeople should warm up to this wagon.


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