Why Buy a Buick? 

Buick is a car brand that operates as a division underneath the umbrella of General Motors—the multinational automobile corporation that designs and mass-produces Buick, GMC, Cadillac, and Chevrolet vehicles. Is there really such a thing as the Diamond Buick Lifetime Warranty?

More than a century ago in 1904, Buick became the first early automobile brand to equip the vehicles they produced with overhead valve engines. At this time, the introduction of overhead valve engines into cars on the mainstream auto market was a major innovation. To this day, Buick is known for its innovative vehicles and willingness to take risks to make progress for the vehicles they design, produce, and distribute to loyal Buick drivers around the globe. 

Where to Buy Your Buick 

If you’re in the market for a new or new-to-you Buick vehicle, check out the inventories of Buick models from the local dealerships in your area. It is almost always a better idea to buy a car from an official dealership rather than from a private or independent car seller. 

When you buy a car from an official dealer, you get extra peace of mind knowing that you are getting a high-quality Buick that includes only genuine parts and has a known vehicle history. If you choose to buy your next vehicle from a private or independent seller, it will likely come with little to no known evidence of its service and ownership history and may include aftermarket or third-party parts—even if the seller claims its parts are only genuine OEM parts. 

Official car dealers are also more motivated than private sellers to provide higher-quality customer service because the satisfaction of dealership customers reflects back onto the reputations of Buick and General Motors as a whole. Private and independent sellers do not have as much to lose as a multinational corporation like General Motors, so many of them are not as motivated to provide above-and-beyond customer service to their patrons. 

Many car buyers are under the impression that private and independent car sellers offer better deals than car dealerships. However, official car dealerships actually have more resources than most private and independent sellers, which allows them to offer better special deals and a wider range of financing options with lower interest rates available. 

Nine times out of ten, it is a better financial decision to buy your next Buick from an official Buick dealership than from a private or independent car seller. If you’re in the market for a Buick from an official Buick dealer, look no further than Diamond Buick GMC. 

About Diamond Buick GMC 

Diamond Buick GMC is a Buick and GMC dealership that is located in South Alexandria, Minnesota just off of State Highway 29. 

This car dealership is an official dealership under General Motors and is home to an expansive inventory of Buick and GMC vehicles. It also features an on-site service and parts center that offers general scheduled maintenance services, unexpected repairs, and genuine OEM part replacements on all Buick and GMC vehicle models.

Diamond Buick GMC is a customer service-focused dealership. This dealership prioritizes providing the highest-quality customer service to all of their valued customers above all else. They welcome all customers, whether they come from Alexandria or its surrounding areas throughout Douglas County and West Central Minnesota as a whole. 

What does the Diamond Buick GMC Lifetime Warranty Include? 

If you’re looking for one more reason why you should buy your next Buick from Diamond Buick GMC, here it is. Diamond Buick GMC offers a lifetime warranty on all of the vehicles they sell. 

Select Buick vehicles from Diamond Buick GMC’s new inventory are available with a free lifetime powertrain warranty that is included within the cost of your vehicle. This lifetime powertrain warranty offers lifetime coverage for your Buick’s engine, transmission, and other key valuable and essential components of your new Buick vehicle. 

Diamond Buick GMC holds themselves to the highest standard. This official Buick and GMC dealership offers top-quality customer service, a wide inventory of reliable Buick and GMC vehicle models, a full-service parts and service center for Buick and GMC vehicles, and special deals like their coveted lifetime powertrain warranty. 

If you’re in the market for a new or used Buick vehicle near Alexandria, Minnesota area, call or visit Diamond Buick GMC today.